A superstar in business and management – Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink is one of the top 10 business and management thinkers in the world. His TED talk is one of the most popular ever, with over 21 million views. Four of his books has entered the New York Times bestselling list and his books has been translated in to 39 languages. He has also been the the chief speechwriter to Al Gore, the former Vice President of the United States.

The 8th of November he will be the Keynote speaker at The Sales Conference hosted by Prosales.

Prosales also provided Säljpodden the opportunity to do this interview.

Daniel Pink
Daniel Pink

We start to talk about his latest book “WHEN- The scientific secrets of perfect timing” and discuss what perfect timing actually is. He give an example from his book of how to take a scientific break, the”napuccino”. We also learn why we should avoid to make an appointment at the hospital in the afternoon!

From his bestseller “DRIVE-The surprising Truth about what motivates us”, he discuss different aspects of motivation and what motivates us and what does not. We also get to know what motivates Daniel!

We also discuss from his book “IT IS HUMAN TO SELL – The surprising truth about moving others”, why it is human to sell and how sales mentality is about to change. Daniel explains why extrovert personalities don’t make the best salespeople in the modern landscape of sales.

At the end of this interview he reveals the topic of his Keynote talk at Prosales – The Sales Conference, the 8th of November and it is going to be very interesting!

Be sure to invest in yourself and your sales development, by going to The Sales Conference!


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